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Our Manufacturer – JTC

OmniBlend Australia’s Manufacturer JTC

Who are JTC?
JTC is a Taiwanese / Chinese company formed their blender division in 1996 with a clear mission statement:

OmniBlend Australia Powered by JTC Image‘JTC’s mission is to design and manufacture the world’s number one commercial blenders. Our leadership team is committed to investing in the best machinery, materials, workers, training, technology, and quality control to achieve a top-rated product line and exceptional customer experience.’

Company History

Starting over 35 years ago, JTC manufactured high quality electronic components for well known appliance manufacturers around the world. JTC blenders entered the global market in 2002 and today are sold in over 90 countries worldwide (including Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia). JTC machines are retailed under the company’s original brand ‘OmniBlend™’. OmniBlend Australia is the sole licensee of this trademark in Australia.

Make Sure You Buy a Genuine JTC Machine
Its a sign of JTC’s success and reputation that other Chinese companies have started copying the OmniBlend look and manufacture fake copies. These are sold cheaply on the wholesale market to undercut JTC and are invariably of  lesser quality and performance. Some are sold by resellers under various brand names in Australia. In Australia, if the machine does not say ‘JTC’ or ‘OmniBlend’, then you can be certain it is not a genuine JTC machine and is not backed by JTC’s experience, reputation and quality.

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Quality Control
JTC operates a state-of-the-art, fully-integrated factory. Exercising precision quality control, 90% of the components in all OmniBlend machines are self-produced by the company and undergo continuous refinement. Plastic mold design and development, plastic injection molding and assembly, electronic control board design and processing, IC programming, production of motors, silk-screen printing, pad printing, processing of wire terminals, and blade metal processing are all performed on-site. This internal control allows for continuous improvement of design, strict production oversight and competitive cost reduction.

At trade fairs JTC offer the following demonstration: customers (of any size) are invited to stand on a jug from a very well known brand of power blenders, which invariably cracks under the pressure. Then they are then invited to stand on the OmniBlend jug, which withstands even the heaviest of men. JTC are justifiably proud of their in-house manufacturing.

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The JTC Family
JTC employees are treated as family and operate with a work ethic and commitment to the company unlike anything found in the West. This includes team building exercises and company sponsored training and physical fitness, sports and awareness programmes. In one challenge, senior engineers compete to draw the entire Omniblend 128-part schematic diagram by memory alone.

Certifications and Compliance:

  • Products certifications: UL, cUL, CE, CB, IEC, and SAA
  • European Commission Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 for food contact materials
  • The JTC factory is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems standard

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