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Choose Your Blender

Blender Selection Guide

Step 1. Choose your blender model – OmniBlend V or OmniBlend I

Blender Base OmniBlend Australia V Powered by JTC
Blender Comparison OmniBlend V I
Blender Base OmniBlend Australia I Powered by JTC

Step 2. Choose your blender colour – ONYX, CHERRY, MILK or STONE


Step 3. Choose your jug size – 1.5 Litre or 2 Litre Pro (both are BPA-Free)

Blender Jug Comparison 1.5 Litre BPA Free
Blender Jug Comparison Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Power Blender
Blender Jug Comparison 2 Litre Pro BPA Free

Step 4. Proceed to the SHOP page to purchase your OmniBlend

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OmniBlend Australia Powered by JTC

OmniBlend Australia is an Australian owned and operated business. OmniBlend power blenders are manufactured by JTC, a Chinese and Taiwanese company, who has been making OmniBlend machines since 1996 and today are sold in approximately 90 countries worldwide (including Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Asia). JTC machines are retailed under the company’s original brand ‘OmniBlend’. DON’T be fooled by lookalikes only OmniBlend branded machines are genuine JTC’s power blenders.