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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why buy a JTC machine?

JTC is a Chinese / Taiwanese company that has been operating since 1996. JTC’s parent company, Taiwan Star Industrial Inc. was founded in 1983 giving the company over 30 years of  experience in electronics.  JTC own the OmniBlend™ brand, are the originators of the OmniBlend V and OminiBlend I models and have sold their blenders internationally since 2002. They supply machines to over 90 countries. JTC components are produced 90% in-house under strict quality control and are continuously being refined.  JTC PCBs can be found in many household products such as Honeywell, Italian Delonghi and Sanyo. JTC blenders have attracted numerous favourable independent reviews attesting to their world class performance. The popularity of JTC’s designs has led to the sale of many fake copies. In Australia, if the machine is not marked JTC and OmniBlend™ (the Australian trademark shared by JTC OmniBlend Australia) you can be sure it is not a JTC machine. OmniBlend Australia is proud to exclusively supply JTC built machines. More about JTC.


What is the difference between I and V models?

OmniBlend I and V have the same motor and specifications. The only difference is in the controls, which also results in different visual styles. OmniBlend I has a variable speed dial and pulse button; OmniBlend V is the original timed programme blender and has 3 fixed speeds buttons: slow, medium, fast, plus a pulse button. In addition the V has 3 timer buttons which cycle through the all the speeds and turn off automatically. These are timed at 35, 60 and 90 seconds. The advantage of this is, you press play and walk away.

What is the difference between our 1.5 and 2 litre jugs?

Both 1.5 and 2 litre jugs are made of BPA Free Eastman Tritan Copolyester and fit interchangeably on all our bases.
Our 1.5 litre jug has a wider base and is a little easier to clean and is also shorter so when mounted on the machine fits in more confined spaces – under some overhead cabinets for example.
Our 1.5 litre jug is the only jug that fits in our OmniShield (sound reduction enclosure) and is therefore recommended for commercial applications.
Our 2 litre jug is recommended for blending thicker ingredients because its narrower neck feeds ingredients to the blades more efficiently. It also works better for dry blending. Of couse it has a greater capacity so you can make more at any one time. The lid and the tamper on the 2 litre jug are heavier duty and more substantial than on the 1.5 litre.
Note: both jugs are Vitamix compatible.

How does OmniBlend compare to Vitamix or Blendtec?

Independent tests rate OmniBlend’s performance amongst the industry’s best. We have collated the some independant reviews HERE. The conclusions are: OmniBlend is comparable in performance, robustness and functionality to both Vitamix and Blendtec especially when using the 2 Litre Pro BPA Free jug with new longer blades (all jugs now have longer blades). (Please note: Most of these reviews were undertaken in the USA where only the 1.5 litre jug is available. All of them were published prior to the introduction of our new longer blades. The increased blending power of theses two features has enhanced OmniBlend’s performance even further.) As all reviews note: OmniBlend demolishes Vitamix and Blendtec on price.

What is covered by our Standard 7 year warranty?

OmniBlend Australia’s warranties your machine out of the box for 7 years on the motor and 2 years on the full machine.
A good warranty preserves the ongoing value of your machine. Warranties are serviced by our specialist OmniBlend Australia Service Centre for fast turn-around repairs. Because we are Australia’s OmniBlend specialist, we understand the machine we sell. The proof of that is the confidence we provide with our industry best warranties. Before you guy any product always make sure you read all the information carefully as not all warranties are as comprehensive as ours. Read OmniBlend Australia’s Standard Extended Warranty and Commercial Warranty terms and conditions.

RPM Comparisons

Unlike wattage which is assessed when a machine is certified, there is no enforced standard for measuring RPM of appliances. Many resellers quote a high RPM to sell their product. Often this is a theoretical calculation or other unspecified assessment. A machine’s actual performance under load is the only reliable means of assessment. For this reason OmniBlend Australia does not quote RPM and uses real world application testing to rate genuine performance.


What else comes with the machine?

A free nut milk bag comes with every machine. Made of hygienic washable nylon, you can use these with your OmniBlend to create traditional style juices and nut milks by removing the fibre. Tampers and lid stoppers (for use without the tamper) are included in the box.

How long will my item take to ship?

OmniBlend Australia ships most items via Fastway Couriers – excluding PO boxes and remote locations for which we use Australia Post. Any order received before 12 noon on a business day is shipped the same day. Deliveries to Sydney and Brisbane take 1-2 business days, Melbourne 2-3 and WA 7-10 business days. To check how long your shipment will take, go to and select ‘Sending from’ location ‘Northern Rivers’. Put 5 kg in the weight field and fill in your postcode. Click ‘Get Quote Now’. For further information on Shipping / Delivery please CLICK HERE.

What’s with the wattage?

The OmniBlend V & I motors are both rated at 3HP or 2238 watts. Like all blenders, during normal operation they do not draw maximum watts as this would strain the motor. Our machines normally run at 950 watts and more power if required for particularly thick ingredients. If the machine draws over too many watts for too long, an easily resettable cut-out switch turns off the machine, protecting the motor and increasing its life span. Most companies advertise the maximum motor rating and don’t disclose the wattage their machine is programmed to run at. Please note, any blender with a safety cut out switch will prevent the motor running at maximum power. OmniBlend is transparent about this. JTC our manufacturer says: ‘Our blenders are rated @ 3 HP, but they don’t go into that range during normal operations. When a blender manufacturer uses only the max HP and RPM to make performance claims, they over-simplify by failing to consider other critical factors, and therefore are not credible. The best way to check if a product will meet your requirements is to look at independent reviews based on real world testing.