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Blender Recipes

OmniBlend Australia Blender Recipes

Here at OmniBlend Australia we love using our OmniBlend heavy duty power blenders to make all kinds of healthy, creative and delicious blender recipes. From super smooth refreshing green smoothies to all natural banana and cacao ice cream. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or just a quick healthy snack? The OmniBlend can do it all with ease. Below are a few recipes to get your taste buds going. Don’t forget we also giveaway our very own recipe Ebook trilogy including ‘Essential Recipes’, ‘Liquid Revolution’ and ‘Friendly Recipes’ with every OmniBlend heavy duty blender purchase. Each mouth watering recipe is created specifically for the OmniBlend and designed to help you make the most of your professional blender. LEARN MORE.

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  1. Jenjen 9 years ago

    I would love you to make some awesome summer salad dressings , pasta salad dressings , some summer savoury recipes to have with bbqs and camping / picnics . Savoury recipes are few and far between

    • Salad dressings are a great idea! So many ideas already… Balsamic vinaigrette, thai inspired, honey mustard, pesto dressing (a lot thinner than regular pesto), ceasar dressing. Yes I agree more savoury recipes would be good. Dessert recipes are just soooo popular and tasty to test out 🙂

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