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OmniBlend vs Nutribullet

OmniBlend vs Nutribullet

The Lemon Test

We are often asked how OmniBlend compares with the Nutribullet. Real world testing is the only way to establish a genuine benchmark, so we devised, ‘The Lemon Test’, a simple way to provide an accurate and repeatable comparison between two machines. Watch the full test below filmed with no edits or cuts.

After a 60 second blend, the Nutribullet leaves 3 and a half times more pulp than the OmniBlend. The commercial grade OmniBlend pulverises not only lemons, but nuts, seeds and leafy greens releasing more nutrients and more flavor. The OmniBlend simply makes smoother smoothies. 

OmniBlend’s Reputation

OmniBlend is manufactured by JTC, a Taiwanese and Chinese company. JTC has 35 years of experience creating electrical appliances and components. They have built and refined the OmniBlend over 19 years and it is sold in over 90 countries. The OmniBlend is a commercial grade machine used in restaurants, cafés and smoothie bars – bringing professional quality smoothies and drinks into the home – for not much more than the price of a domestic retail blender. OmniBlend’s popularity has led to the creation of many fake copies. In Australia, only ‘OmniBlend’ brand machines are genuine JTC blenders.

The Benefits of OmniBlend’s Power

The OmniBlend can grind coffee, whole grains into flour, heats soup by friction, makes nut milk and butters, humous, baby food, crushes ice for slushies and has numerous other applications. See our What can the OmniBlend make? page. 

Treat yourself to a professional machine that will complement your kitchen and improve your health for years to come. Buy a genuine OmniBlend today.


OmniBlend vs Nutribullet Comparison Table