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Commercial Warranty

Commercial Warranty – Summary

OmniBlend Australia offers a limited 1 year commercial warranty out of the box. Our dedicated service centre is the most experienced in Australia.

OmniBlend Australia PTY LTD

Commercial Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions for OmniBlend 1.5 Litre & 2 Litre Pro Machines

1. We warranty the entire base (excluding drive socket) to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to perform satisfactorily in commercial use for a period of 1 year. Warranty is from the date of purchase when used in accordance with the accompanying instruction booklet. Due to high wear and tear in commercial conditions we do not warranty other parts.

This warranty is extended by OmniBlend Australia PTY LTD (OmniBlend Australia) to the owner of this machine for commercial use only. Should ownership of the machine change during the warranty period, please update the machine’s owner information at

OmniBlend Australia warrants to the owner that if the base (excluding drive socket) of their machine fails within the warranty time periods defined in Item 1 above due to a defect in material or workmanship or as a result of normal wear and tear from ordinary commercial use, OmniBlend Australia will, within 10 days of receipt of the returned product, repair or replace the failed base (excluding drive socket) or component part of the base free of charge.

This Warranty does not cover cosmetic changes that do not affect performance, such as discoloration of parts of the product in the hands of the user or the effects of the use of abrasive cleaners or food build up will not be warranted or considered defects. This warranty does not cover the supplied jug, blades, drive socket, lid, lid plug, or tamper. OmniBlend Australia will not be responsible for the cost of any unauthorized warranty repairs including repairs made by licensed appliance repairers without approval from OmniBlend Australia.

Abuse, misuse, negligent use, alteration of the machine, exposure to abnormal or extreme conditions, or failure to follow the operating instructions will void this Warranty. This warranty is also void if repairs to the machine or any component part of the Machine are performed by someone without prior authorisation by OmniBlend Australia or if any component part of a machine subject to this warranty is used in combination with a motor base or container that is not expressly a branded OmniBlend part. Warranty is also void If the machine is continued to be used after faults/issues have been identified.

In the event that the base or any component part of the base needs service or repair, please contact us at The purchaser will be asked to provide a date of purchase and proof of purchase for the machine.

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