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” The OmniBlend Blender seriously has the Wow factor, I have been on a blending blitz and what a great experience. I have used high speed blenders in the past and I can honestly say nothing beats the sophistication and cutting edge blending from OmniBlend. From nut milks to cakes, smoothies and soups, I can not get enough of this kitchen appliance. A seriously smooth blender without the price tag. Join the blending blitz” Chantel Basile




OmniBlend combines the best blender design features resulting in one of the world’s fastest and most powerful food preparation machines. Powered by a rugged 3HP motor, this commercial power blender is the secret weapon in numerous restaurants and juice bars and brings a high level of professionalism and food creativity to the home kitchen. OmniBlend’s industrial power action breaks down the cell walls of leafy greens and root vegetables, releasing valuable phytonutrients in an easy to use form for your body.


OmniBlend power blenders are built by JTC,  an industry leader with over 35 years experience in electronic manufacture and design. Omniblend is built with strict quality controls and proprietary techniques for maximum results. Don’t be fooled by lookalikes; JTC Omniblend originated the Omniblend V design and brought it to worldwide popularity. Thousands of reviews confirm OmniBlend’s exceptional quality and reputation. Often copied, never equaled – BE ORIGINAL – buy OmniBlend.


OmniBlend is the product of two decades of sales, feedback and constant refinement and is now sold in more than 90 countries. OmniBlend machines are overpowered for durability. Should it be faced with too high a demand the machine intelligently cuts-out and is reset with the flick of a switch. If an immovable object meets an irresistible force (such as blending a spoon) OmniBlend is quick and simple to repair using inexpensive parts. OmniBlend Australia confidently offers a 7 year warranty on its blenders.


OmniBlend Australia is dedicated to providing high quality, high performance blenders that will last a lifetime – at an affordable price. Weighing up performance, quality, longevity and warranty compared to price we strongly believe that OmniBlend commercial, heavy-duty power blenders are the best blenders on sale in Australia today.

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Torus has delivered a cutting edge range of well built and industry leading juicers. I highly recommend any one of these machines ”

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You are buying a Genuine JTC OmniBlend Blender, not a copy

OmniBlend has been produced and refined for 19 years and is now sold to commercial and domestic customers in over 90 countries

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