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The OmniBlend V & I motors are both rated at 3HP or 2238 watts. Like all blenders, during normal operation they do not draw maximum watts as this would strain the motor. Our machines normally run at 950 watts and draw up to 1150 watts if required for particularly thick ingredients. If the machine draws over 1150 watts an easily resettable cut-out switch interupts the machine protecting the motor and increasing its life span. Most companies advertise the maximum motor rating and don’t disclose the wattage the machine is programmed to run at. Please note, any blender with a safety cut out switch will prevent the motor running at maximum power. OmniBlend is transparent about this.

JTC our manufacturer says: ‘Our blenders are rated @ 3 HP, but they don’t go into that range during normal operations. When a blender manufacturer uses only the max HP and RPM to make performance claims, they over-simplify by failing to consider other critical factors, and therefore are not credible. What really matters to the consumer is that when two blenders are placed side-by-side with the same load, which one can produce better blending results within the same time. If the results are the same, and one machine requires 700 W while the other 2,600 W, you can do the math for the customer to determine OmniBlend’s cost-savings on electricity over 7 years.’

We suggest the best way to check if a product will meet your requirements is to look at independent reviews based on real world testing.