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JTC is a Chinese / Taiwanese company that has been operating since 1996. JTC’s parent company, Taiwan Star Industrial Inc. was founded in 1983 giving the company over 30 years of  experience in electronics.  JTC own the OmniBlend brand, are the originators of the OmniBlend V and OminiBlend I models and have sold their blenders internationally since 2002. They supply machines to over 65 countries and supply OEM for more than 100 different brands. JTC components are produced 90% in-house under strict quality control. JTC PCBs can be found in many household products such as Honeywell, Italian Delonghi and Sanyo. JTC blenders have attracted numerous favourable independent reviews attesting to their world class performance. OmniBlend Australia is proud to exclusively supply JTC built machines. More about JTC. For a detailed comparison of OmniBlend machines with other leading Australian brands, click here.